Top Recommended Online Shops in Indonesia Where You Can Find Cheap Stylish Fashions

The existence of online shops has given a lot of options for fashion lovers. Online shop is of today’s trending topics. Nowadays, many people choose to buy and order fashions and other accessories via online stores. Generally, online stores offer their products at cheaper costs because they get it from the main manufacturers. In some cases, there are people who manipulate information so that they can earn money. That’s why some people are scared to order chic fashions via online shops. To prevent this bad accidence, you need to ensure that the online shop that you are going to buy their products is a trustworthy one. There are some online stores in Indonesia that have a good reputation such as Dashoppe, Shopee, Berrybenka, and Tokopedia.

First, online stores do not have the cost of providing physical stores, so the selling price is more efficient and cheaper. Did you know that the existence of a physical store can add costs by 3-10% of the total selling price? Second, the number of employees in online stores is less, so it can save the selling price of around 10%. The online stores such as Berrybenka, D By Dashopee, Zalora, and Tokopedia usually buy their products directly to the manufacturer or distributor in a large number. Then cut distribution costs. Online shops sometimes don’t have to pay taxes anyway. When they sell goods with affiliates, sometimes the sale does not have to be listed.


Here are the top recommended online shops in Asia where you can find distinctive stylish fashions at affordable prices;

1. Berrybenka

Berrybenka is one of the biggest online shops in Indonesia which was founded by a creative young man whose name is Jason Lamuda. The owner finished his master’s degree in financial engineering at Columbia University. There are many stylish fashions available at Berrybenka. The prices are vary depending on the brands, types, and sizes. Generally, they offer special discounts when the customer orders their products in a large number.

2. Dashoppe

Dashoppe is a trusted retail vintage retro style outlet in Bali and Malaysia. At Dashoppe, visitors can get any design designs ranging from sexy bikinis, pajamas, dresses, t-shirts, joggers, jewelry, bags, to evening dresses, and red rabbit mascots, including fashion footwear, from flip flops to funky shoes. The shop offers quality D Shopee brands at reasonable prices. The D By Dashopee also offers free delivery for all customers who order and buy the D Shopee brand products using the GETMEONE code. The prices of the fashions are largely depending on the types, sizes, and colors. The more you buy, the more discounts you will get. If you wish to have simple stylish fashions, D Shopee brand fashion could be the best choice for you.


3. Zalora

Zalora is one of the largest online shops in Asia. ZALORA is an online fashion and beauty shop that offers a collection of clothing, accessories, shoes and beauty products for men and women. Based in Singapore, ZALORA is also located in Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Brunei. Zalora Indonesia sells a variety of clothing products, from formal to informal, both men, women, and children. Zalora online store has a large selection of famous brands in Indonesia. Zalora also has several local designers and producers that enable them to meet the needs of various consumers and still offer competitive prices compared to several retail outlets in Indonesia.


4. BelowCepek

BelowCepek is a website that focuses on selling women’s clothing. As the name implies, the products offered on this website are sold at prices under IDR 100,000. All of their products are locally made and have their own labels, unlike other stores that sell other party brands. BelowCepek is owned by a professional lady whose name is Riana. Riana focuses on Indonesian local products and brands. She aims to promote the artworks of Indonesians. All their products are incredibly cheap and affordable. Many times, if you can see clearly, their products do not match their prices. They could have charged more. Their products are really stylish and fashionable.



5. Tokopedia

Tokopedia is an Indonesian technology company with a mission to achieve digital economic equality. Since its founding in 2009, Tokopedia has been transformed into a unicorn that has influenced not only in Indonesia but also in Southeast Asia. Who doesn’t know about Tokopedia, which is the biggest shopping center in Indonesia that carries the marketplace business model? Since it was launched until the end of 2015, Tokopedia’s basic services can be used by everyone (buyer/seller) for free. In Tokopedia, you can find almost everything that you need. There are millions of products that can be found in this online shop.



Those are the top 5 Indonesian online shops that have an excellent reputation in Southeast Asia. In these 5 online shops, you can find various types of cheap fashions and accessories. They may cost less, but they will certainly make you look prettier and more elegant.





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